If you want to give a natural and attractive touch to your table, today in Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to make this beautiful centerpiece.

With very natural materials we will build this beautiful center. What we need will be a large palm leaf, water, candles, stones and a glass container.

The composition will be the one we like the most. On this occasion the palm leaf has been placed in a beautiful fountain.

Then a little water is poured and we place the stones. The ideal will be to choose them in different sizes, thus enriching the whole.

Then just put one or two candles, as a basis for these we can choose two beautiful glasses and ready. In a few steps and with very natural elements we obtain a beautiful composition to decorate the table or any charming corner.

The implementation of plants and flowers, in our home, can be the perfect detail within our environment. It also brings positive energy, joy and freshness to the stay.