If you are looking for an activity to do with children, today in Decoration 2.0 We encourage you to make these simple centerpieces that can be the expectation of Christmas. Remember that it is a craft to perform with children at Christmas.

Christmas centerpiece. Children's crafts

The materials what we will need will be:

  • White glue
  • plastic plates of the colors that we like the most,
  • brush
  • Christmas decorations
  • decorative ribbons
  • as many candles as we do centers.

The first step is to add white glue to the base of the candle and paste it in the center of the plate. Now we put a first layer of white glue on the bottom of the plate, this will help us add the potpourri without spilling it.

The next thing we add are Christmas ornaments, add the ones you like the most and let them stick well. Remember that you can put pearls, garlands, ties or whatever you can think of.

Now we let it dry very well and we put another layer of glue on top of everything we have done. Repeat the process and let it dry well, this will help everything that we have located before is well stuck and, moreover, once dry provides a layer of shine.

Once all dry, tie a ribbon of color, the outline of the candle and cast a little fixative. Finally wrap the center in tissue paper and ready for the little ones to take home.