Centers of original table we can do recycling items and items that we no longer use. The recycling and the restoration are methods that we can use for the creation of sets and spectacular compositions that will decorate our home.

In today's article we see how a beautiful idea where creativity and ingenuity are revealed. In the image we can see how to contribute originality to any room with just a few recycled objects and arranged as a centerpiece.

Romantic lighting is sought with some candles, bringing warmth to the room. The natural style is sought in flowers. From this menara have been arranged in a beautiful glass vase some beautiful flowers.

Finally, he becomes the protagonist of set a boot, in green-brown color. This boot, all originality, reminds us of an extremely vintage style for relaxed environments. As a final detail some red roses have been placed at the entrance of the boot.

In this way, the sensational centerpiece, becomes an idea to put into practice within our decorations.

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