The cherries, in addition to a delicious fruit, now is also a perfect and original complement to the roof.

The creativity and ingenuity of the designer Nika Zupanc They have shaped these spectacular cherry-shaped ceiling lamps:

Cherries Lamp

The "Cherries Lamps»Which is the name given to their designs, they are available with three different models: single, in bunches of two and in clusters of three cherries.Three designs that are available in four different colors: white, black, red and pistachio .

The »Cherries Lamps» by Nika Zupanc are just one more design that make up the designer's latest collection and is named »Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia ». A collection clearly inspired by cherries, so it is a collection with some feminine inspiration and a sensual and delicate touch; All this together with the sophistication that always surrounds the creations of the Slovenian designer.
»Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia » will be presented in the next edition of the London Design Festival which will take place next September.

pistachio ceiling lamp

After seeing this small sample, this impressive and spectacular design that is part of the collection, there is no doubt that Nika Zupanc's exhibition promises. It promises to surprise and to fall in love with design very of its style, originals to rage, with impressive and spectacular designs full of elegance, sophistication and delicacy.

If you are in London from the 22 to the 25 in September, you can reserve part of your time to get closer to the London Design Festival and enjoy live and the wonders of this designer and the creations of many other professionals and artists of the decoration . And, if you do not have the luck to be in London, you can visit us and here, at we will tell you everything that happens there.