Everyone has ever heard of the method of theft through bumping. It is a very popular technique used by criminals to open cylinder locks and latch locks by using a specially designed key and that is known as a bumping key. By means of this technique, it is possible to open a wide variety of locks in a short time, a technique that is also used by locksmiths Madrid to help those customers who can not enter their homes. To avoid the use of this technique, antibumping bulbs were created. If you do not know what they are, do not worry because today we are going to explain what they are and the benefits they offer for the security of our home.

What are antibumping cylinders?

When we talk about antibumping cylinders, we are referring to those that prevent thieves from using the bumping technique to manage to open the door. Thanks to this type of cylinders, the risk of being robbed is reduced. What it is necessary to know, is that not all antibumping cylinders are equal. As with everything in this life, there are some that are safer than others. Because of this, if you are thinking of installing an anti-dumping bulb, we recommend that you inform us with an expert locksmith who can guide us and recommend the best option. For example, you can visit the web https://www.cerrajeros.info to find more information about it.

Recommendations when installing an anti-dumping cylinder

As we have already mentioned, not all antibumping bowlers are the same. Because of this, when making the installation of one of these locks, it is important to take into account some aspects to ensure that the option chosen is maximum security. Among the things we can highlight are:

  • Complex python system. The number of pins that the bowler hat has is a basic element for the election. It is not the same as having a python to have eight. The latter will be much safer than the first case.
  • Radial orientation of the pitons. With this, what is sought is that it is not possible to use any type of pick to open the door.
  • Protect against other theft methods. It is important, to improve safety, that these bowlers are anti-drill, anti-extraction and anti-break.
  • Distrust the offers that are offered in generalist establishments. The most advisable thing is to go to an expert in the matter that is in charge of advising us and of its installation.
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What is the price of an anti-dumping cylinder?

Maybe this is one of the questions that many of you are asking. Give an exact price is impossible, since it will depend on the brand and model chosen, as well as the possible offers that we can find. In this way, the price range is very broad. We can find cylinders for 25 or 30 euros, but they are very simple models that will not put much resistance to the assailants. If we want a model that is really safe, we will have to move in a range that would oscillate between the 150 and 200 €, although as we have said, the final price will depend on many factors.

Anyway, When we talk about security, money should be the last thing you look at. With security, you always have to apply the saying that the cheap ends up being expensive. By saving a few euros, you may be endangering the integrity of your home and your family.

And remember, distrust of the great offers that offer high security locks at very low prices. Security has a price and everyone who wants it must pay for it.

You know, if you want to enjoy more security in your home, the use of antibumping bulbs will help you get it.