El storage space it is a valuable treasure that, in many occasions and especially in certain rooms of the house, we must search with insistence ...
The baskets are a decorative element that has recently become very fashionable and that in addition to aesthetic solution offers us extra storage spaces. If you need storage space and you are looking for practical and decorative ideas, below you can see some lovely ideas to achieve that goal using baskets.

The part of the foot of the bed is usually an area that is unused and empty. If it's your case, make the most of that free space by hanging some baskets; you can use them to store clothes, cushions, toys, magazines, etc. A practical and flirtatious solution that, in a bedroom, will help you maintain order.

baskets on the bed

If you have a coat rack or hanger in the bathroom or in any room where you do not fit all the things, reserve one of your hooks to place a basket. In this way you will have more space on that rack to put everything you need in it.

hanging basket

A large wicker basket as a trunk can be very useful in the bathroom, since you can use it to place inside the dirty clothes or towels, while outside you can use it as a seat or to place in it all the necessary elements when bath time.

basket in the bathroom

Actually any corner or space of the house is ideal to decorate it with a basket, regardless of the size and style of it ... In addition, this option will always give you an extra storage space.