Sometimes dirty clothes can decorate, although a priori what I say may seem a fallacy, pay attention to me, because the design makes even our less decorous objects help us to complete the decoration.

Do not think that what you see in the image is a girl trying to decorate her house with old clothes, inside these holes, but that they are baskets of clothes. Your name the Polyp and it is a laundry basket that is installed on the wall designed by Helen Steiner

It has been designed as a concave basket, with a hole in the front through which we can introduce the dirty clothes to leave it there until the time to take it to wash. Once the basket is full it can be removed from the wall and carried without problems to the washing machine, without excessive weight and comfortably since it is not excessively large. In addition we can classify the clothes by colors and at the time of the wash take the basket that interests us.

It is a very good idea to install the laundry area in houses or small apartments, as it hardly occupies space, but we must think where we put them because after all we can not stop thinking that inside there are dirty clothes, used underwear or sweat shirts that can give off odor, so I think it would not be the most suitable complement to the living room, we better put it near the washing machine.

More information: Helen Steiner

Via: The design Blog


  1. I am from peru; I do not know where the baskets arrived? good anyway I want some for my room :)

  2. Good Morning

    I wanted to consult; if I wanted to buy three of the balls; How do I ask or who do I talk to?

  3. I am interested in buying a polyp from helen seinert, if someone can tell me where I can buy it and give me more information thank you very much and I look forward to your response

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