La 2 chair in 1 of the Slavic designer Henrich Zrubec It is one of the creations that arise as a result of the way of life of our time. Little time and little space. That makes decoration simple, functional and economical. Like this chair, which is two chairs in one: to keep it in one when it is not necessary and divide it when we go to use it.

chair 2 en1-3

It is made of injection molded polycarbonate. It is transparent and can be obtained in several colors, so that the combination is a transparent chair and the other color.

chair 2 en1

chair 2 en1-2

Vía: Is-Arquitectura

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  1. I finally found the chairs I need! My problem is that I do not know where to ask for them, how much to pay and if they can be sent to me.
    I live in Mexico City but I also have an address in San Diego California.
    Or, do they sell them in the United States?
    Thank you very much for the information you can give me. Now it is urgent.
    Guadalupe Muñoz Soto

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