The plants give life to the interior and exterior spaces. If we have a terrace you should not need a large sun floor to set it up, to create shadows and color the space. If we are so lucky and have a garden late or we will be experts it is flowering species, in climbers, in pastures and in exotic. If the interiors are ours, a large room is perfect to have a large one, with it we will create a center of visual attraction. A small size set provides an enormous sensation of freshness and humidity. A bonsai will give a touch of distinction that will make us proud of our visits. Through the plants, their care and their protection we can instill in our children respect for nature and develop in them feelings of tolerance, responsibility and environmental sensitivity.

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It may be that in our apartment there is no space for any plant and we can only think about the possibility of hanging a picture of a cactus on the wall or taking out an armchair and making some space. An answer to our prayer is the Japanese design house LEIF-DESIGN PARK because they have designed an original two-seater chair that also has a plant pot attached to it. The chair has been created to rekindle awareness, in its users, that we live together with nature and that we must live with it in the best way. The design, in oak, generates a comfortable atmosphere created by the interaction of nature, the minimalist design of the furniture and ourselves. More information on the Website