In the summer the garden, patio, etc ... and any kind of exteriors become our home in order to find a bit of coolness at these high temperatures, and as we spend more time away from home we like to see the garden perfectly decorated and illuminated.

We have more and more options to do it in the most original and ecological way. These are small mushroom shaped lamps, di8 available in various colors and that work with LED lights to illuminate in a subtle way every corner. All you have to do is leave them in any place where they can receive sunlight and wait for the results when the night comes. They can accumulate up to 8 hours of light.

They can be obtained through the Internet on websites such as Green & Easy and they are sold in pack of four luminous mushrooms for a price of 28,49 Libras (a little more than 41 €).

Vía: Coolest Gadgets