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At last September arrived and, with him, the Back to School With everything it implies. And, although we still have a brief respite for autumn to land in our lives, it is time to start thinking about the new season. And, to help you, here are some keys with which tune up the children's closet it will be very easy for you

There are key moments throughout the year in which it becomes necessary review the order that governs our spaces. And the change of season (from summer to autumn or from winter to spring) is one of them. That is why we are going to take advantage of the fact that summer is coming to an end to give you some ideas with which you can organize the children's closet.

And that is that order is a fundamental issue, and more so when it comes to children's rooms. Sort your things, facilitate that they themselves can keep them in order, It's very important. Keep in mind that, as the experts explain, if you help them access their clothes and their belongings, and give them the responsibility of having them in good condition, You will be favoring your independence and your self-esteem.

So, let's get down to work, and review some important ideas that help us reinterpret the children's closet. So we'll leave it ready for the upcoming autumn season.

Optimize the space in the children's closet

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When it comes to making order in our closets, most of us strive to try to multiply the space available to save. And it is logical, since we do not always have the breadth we would like in the closet.

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Beyond the available centimeters are what they are, there are some ideas to optimize the space and make the most of it. Think about the clothes your son has, in its size and in what it occupies, and you will see how you find the best way to place it.

In this sense, it is important that adapt the wardrobe to fit the children's clothes, smaller than that of adults. That is why you may have to place bars at different heights, dividers inside drawers, boxes or baskets, etc. Be careful to measure the gaps well before Buy accessories for the interior. You can even draw an outline to help you organize this space inside the children's closet.

Sort clothing and accessories

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When you have already thought about how you are going to use the space your closet offers you, it's time to Sort the clothes of the kids. Surely you have saved a lot of clothes that have run out small. They grow at a dizzying speed!

Now is the time Separate clothes into groups: the one that no longer serves them and you are going to donate or lend, the one that can not be used and must be thrown away, the one you can keep for next year, etc. Sort the garments and put them in properly identified boxes. Do the same with shoes and accessories.

At your height

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There are certain garments that have to be hang on the closet bar to keep them in order. This is the case of dresses, shirts, jackets and coats. It is best to place them in groups.

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If you want to make it easier for the children to take the clothes themselves, you can install a folding bar. That way they will not have problems to reach their clothes. There are other ways to multiply the sense of order and harmony within the children's closet. They consist, for example, in putting all the hangers equal, and in placing the garments by colors, within each group.

Other spaces to hang things are coat racks. Put a coat rack at the height of the child It is a good idea to get involved in the order of your room. You can use it to hang the school backpack, scarves, etc.

Drawers or shelves?

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In them the folded garments are kept, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, etc. I prefer the drawers to the shelves, since they contain the clothes better and it is easier to maintain order. If your children's cupboard has shelves and shelves instead of drawers, you can place baskets or boxes in them to organize the garments.

A good idea for optimize the space of the drawers is to fold and place the garments vertically. So you have a first view of all the garments and it is easier to find them.

Set aside a special place for underwear and pajamas. Since these children's garments are usually small, you will need separators or small boxes. They will help you organize the inside of the drawer.

Up and down

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The upper and lower part of the cabinet offers great possibilities for storage and ordering.

As far as the attic is concerned, it is a space reserved for things that are not used much. Keep in mind that children will not have access to this area. You can take advantage of boxes to put clothes that are not yet going to be put on, or clothes from another season. Also if you have bought them clothes that are not worth them yet. It is a way to have these clothes at hand and not forget that they exist, for when the time comes.

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On the other hand, in the lower part of the children's closet you can place a shelf for shoes. This way the kids will be able to wear themselves without problems.