The time to take a snack is definitive in the day, in case of several snacks that are taken are as definitive as others. A simple meal, full of energy in the morning feels very good to not feel fatigue and arrive without desperate hunger at lunchtime or in the afternoon it works as an appetizer and so have a relaxed dinner and a comfortable hour.

The light can have some fruit, juice, some bread and a bit of ham, an energy includes potato omelette, toast with oil and tomato, even a serving of paella or some prawns. The important thing is to eat something small that we find very tasty and to be able to face a great meal without so much anxiety. The drinks that accompany my snacks are chocolate to the cup, on special occasions, tea, when I want to calm down, and coffee that is much more energizing than any other.

My little girl prefers chocolate and I let her take it, although in moderation, I like to cheer her up anyway. The La Cafetiere cupboard game for chocolate is fun and durable at the same time. It has the quality of producing air bubbles that makes the drink even more tasty. More information on the website