After a tumultuous weekend it is natural to receive the week with a small slump in the mood. It is easy to recognize the causes: excess sugar, physical exercise, a drink, and lots of activity with few hours of sleep. The body reacts to all these stimuli and we feel a lot of well-being when we are living them but then, when calm arrives, the need to remain affected causes us a small bad mood.

The recovery is simple, the most important thing is to get out of bed and recover consciousness, then have a coffee and talking with someone can put us back in tune again. I am very happy to have the ability to understand that being right or wrong is a physical characteristic and not only psychological. It's like being able to take small depressions responsibly.

Chocolate is a perfect option to overcome the grief caused by the glory, in fact act as a small injection of happiness. The CHOCOLATE informal chair from FEEK DESIGN gives the feeling of complete joy, although it does not help as much as a real piece. More information on the Web page