London, New York, Madrid, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Ibiza (how the song says) are cosmopolitan cities that are strongly related to many of the dreams of mere mortals. The promise of offering the best of the best at your fingertips - each in your specialty - means that a large number of people of different ages, sex and social conditions arrive at your airports, bus stations and train stations every day. cultural in search of the great opportunity.

Whether it's professional or academic aspirations, finding the love of life, a crazy party of holidays by the beach or having an active cultural life, with certainty in the big cities the means and the tools are concentrated, but that's not where the energy resides; it's exactly in the people who come to them. The longings live first in the small cities, in the fields, in the peripheries, where the dreams grow at the same time as the dreamers.

One of the main characteristics of life in the city is the lack of space, it is not essential to live in Tokyo to realize the effort that must be done to enjoy one more square meter. Proposals like those of the British designer NAOMI DEAN allow us to better use up to the last centimeter of our usual thirty-five square meters. The NJ WARDROBE clothing closet is inspired by life in the city and designed to make it a little easier. More information on the website