Modern, old ... modern ... classic! no ... modern! If I do not clarify! So much fashion and in the end we do not know what to choose; If you are one of those who have trouble deciding between so many options, If you do not know how to decorate the house if a style somewhat Minimalist or maybe something more classic... your problems have ended with this comfortable Why?

El brilliant Italian artist and designer, Ferrucio Laviani, he stopped to think about this unique situation?what style to choose? No more complications ... let's choose them all! And how is this? The Italian artist has created a new style characterized by fusion of other styles... in this way gives "life" to the incredible comfortable "Evolution" or "Evolution Dresser"

This beautiful piece of furniture will satisfy the needs of those who want a classic atmosphere and at the same time with a modernist touch. Laviani ha opted for evolution in all its splendor showing it in this great decorative piece. In this way you can see perfectly how the dresser is following a line of style in emerging evolution covering all its left side right, incredible.

El left side, comfortable Evolution, is completely realized in carved oak solid; as we can see it is delicately adorned with the most "pure" style neo - rococo, including certain features such as famous legs "claw and ball«, That is, those old ones!

Little by little this style is merging with more and more simple lines until we reach the right side of this sophisticated chest of drawers, where we can appreciate a much softer and more modern style; the right side is completely!Minimalist! Pure lines, simple and straight, soft and uniform colors ... all modernity.

Produced by Emmemobili, the dresser Evolution is perfect symbiosis in a world where we can find art in each of our steps. ¿What do you think?