Caring for the details on the table sometimes makes the difference between a pleasant evening and a spectacular one. That's why today I bring you some dishes from the collection Classic Platzteller which are most colorful.

Classic Platzteller is the work of the firm Villeroy & Boch, and the truth is that it is a collection full of color. They are dishes with a lot of color and geometric shapes. To me particularly the drawings of the dishes remind me a bit of Arab art, with those colorful rosettes.

It is a collection that I would use on a rustic table, with light tones. For example I would put these dishes under a tablecloth in beige, with a cutlery not too modern, a simple glassware to give prominence to the dishes. Also I would add as a detail silver saucers for bread that I think would go very well. But decorating a table is like dressing, which is a matter of taste.

So to surprise your guests with a perfect evening just like in this Classic Platzteller collection you find a perfect ally.