Today the kitchen is clean and tidy, there is not too much grease or dust on the kitchenware, nor on the furniture and appliances; Another advantage of the rainy weather, apart from curling our hair and filling the environment with beneficial humidity. The best moment of this time is just after it has just rained hard for a long time. As soon as the water stops, the humidity in the environment is very high and the air is noticeably cleaner, even in the center of the city.

Every time the rain stops and I am at the place where I am at the time I take the opportunity to breathe the clean air that leaves its path. If I'm in the office, for example, I open the windows and let it enter the entire space. A little cold does not come too bad and the change of air is great. The children know it too, so I hope they have that habit; my husband was the one who taught it to me. The interior spaces can be humidified and their air can be purified in ecological and passive ways.

The Ultrabreeze humidifier with anti-germs function to heat the water to more than 70ºC prior to cold vaporization, includes programmer, alarm and alarm clock. Save energy, measure 196 x 135 x 256 mm. Its use can be combined with water-soluble essences: eucalyptus, lemon, jasmine, lavender, and rose. More information on the Website