Cleaning laminate floors does not seem like a complicated task. However, it is necessary to be clear about some things so as not to make mistakes that could spoil them, or damage them irreparably. We give you some tips that will come in handy so you can Take care of your laminate floors and keep them Like the first day.

clean laminate floors
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The children's shoes, which always arrive filled with sand from the park. The daily transfer of the whole family. The walks of your dog, if you have it ... The aggressions to which the pavements of your house are subjected are many and continuous. That is why you need to know how you should take care of the floors, depending on the material they are manufactured from. Today we tell you how to clean laminate floors so they are impeccable.

Laminate floors are resistant. However, they must be treated with care so that they do not deteriorate prematurely. To make it You will need to have some cleaning tools and materials at hand: a suitable vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces, a microfiber mop and a cleaning product (you do not need to buy it, today we are going to show you how to make one). With those three things you can clean laminate floors and make them shine like never before.

Vacuuming to clean laminate floors, better than sweeping

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There are people who do not get used to it to the daily use of the vacuum cleaner. They prefer to sweep with the broom. However, in the case of laminate floors, it is better to get used to the vacuum cleaner when cleaning. It is the most effective way to collect all the dust spots, any allergen and also the sand that can enter from the street with the shoes.

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This sand, however insignificant it may seem, can scratch the ground if it is stepped on with shoes. That is why it is necessary for all the members of the family to get used to changing their street shoes for slippers to be at home. This will preserve the soil of unsightly rayajos.

In any case, the best solution to catch and control the grit that enters the street is use the vacuum cleaner, better than the broom that ends up relocating the dust instead of removing it. If for some reason the floors are very dirty, you can sweep them first with the broom and then pass the vacuum cleaner.

Choose the best cleaning product

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The number of brands of special cleaners for laminate flooring in the market is truly incredible. But nevertheless, You do not need to have many products of this type to clean the laminate floors. Rather you will have enough DIY cleaner that you can make yourself with very simple ingredients.

Just mix equal parts hot water and white vinegar. If you put it in a spray bottle you can spray the floor before passing the microfiber mop. You will see how your laminate floors shine.

It may be that cleaning solution leave a strong smell in your house, that of vinegar. Actually it will not be long before it disappears. Also, I like it because it is a sustainable alternative and very respectful with the environment, which does not add chemical products to your environments. And without hardly spending any money.

How to treat difficult spots

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You do not know how, but nail polish has gone to the ground. Or the shoe polish. A bubblegum. Or you may have discovered a pen scratch on the floor of the nursery. Well, if any of these misfortunes happened to you, remember the importance of do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, because you can spoil the surface even more.

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To clean the nail polish you can use a cotton impregnated in nail polish remover without acetone. And the gum comes out better without placing an ice cube and scratches with a plastic spatula.

Things you should not do

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Do not wet it excessively. Some people think that laminate flooring is resistant to water, and it is not. Therefore, it is not advisable to apply a lot of water or scrub it, causing puddles to form. If you ever rub it, remember to wring the mop very well so it is as dry as possible.

Do not use oil-based cleaners, since they leave laminated flooring dull and dull. And they can also cause the appearance of spots.

Nor should you use bleach, since the laminated floors are porous and can absorb it, which would spoil them. They can leave stains, change the color or turn off the brightness of this type of floor.

And remember that, although Laminate floors are not made of wood, The direct sun can damage them with the passage of time, causing color differences. The best thing to avoid it is to protect the windows with curtains or blinds that sift the sunlight.

In conclusion, keeping your laminate floors clean is not a complex issue, nor does it require a large investment of money. A homemade cleaner and vacuum cleaner, and you will have everything under control.