I still remember when I was little and my brothers and I used to convert the terrace where my mother tended clothes in a battlefield, and our weapons were what we first caught by hand, and it was always the boat with the clothespins.

But it was not the only thing we did with the clothespins because once our mother taught us to make figurines of animals with clothespins that were broken.

That's why when I see what I'm going to teach you now, it reminded me of my childhood and my mother, and I thought that David Olschewski his mother must also have taught him how to make figurines with clothespins.

But today the thing is not about figurines with the clips but lighting as the designer David Olschewski has created a lamp with a lot of style that surely will not leave you indifferent because it is a way of seeing the very peculiar lighting.

Although seeing the lamp of David Olschewski I can not stop thinking that what has happened to me, that I bought a dryer and thought "so I want the clothespins and clothesline."

This lamp is called Peglight, a very exclusive lamp made with wooden clips.

I know it's going to sound weird but even until you can build yourselves with the tweezers that you have at home, although you know you have patience and do not catch your fingers.