Coasters are those objects in the house that you do not realize you need until you miss them. When there are family or friends meetings and the glasses leave a mark on the table that, depending on the type of drink, leaves the table sticky. With a few simple tips you can get some coasters made by yourself without much effort, only with buttons and threads.



- Four-hole size buttons
- Embroidery threads
- Needle


Before starting, we must bear in mind that the smaller the buttons, the more we will use, and the older they are, the less we will use. With this information we can start our coasters, creating a square with 10 cm on each side.

We take two buttons and tie the ends of the thread threaded in a needle to ensure the end. We must ensure that the thread is quite long for all work. Then we must go passing the thread through the holes on the right of the buttons and go around the left side. We must form the necessary rows for the square.

When we have ready the rows we thread with a thread of another color. What we have to do is go threading in the same way as before but this time passing the thread through all the rows that we formed before. We sew back and forth.

Every time we finish the thread we have to make sure to make a small knot to hook the next one.