This modular kitchen of the company Boffi and designed by Alberto Colonello It is an authentic jewel for small spaces, since in addition to remaining hidden when not used, we can customize it depending on the meters due to its modular configuration.


When it is not in use, it becomes a closed and compact piece of furniture, remaining as a piece of furniture with simple lines, with a barely visible metal and a perfectly polished surface. Just imperceptible in the decorative set.


Many kitchen appliances and accessories can be used, and the modules can be opened and closed either manually or by the use of electronic devices. The company has distribution points throughout the world, including several stores in Spain.

Vía: Domoking

Further information: Boffi

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  1. Hi, I want to install in my kitchen a system like this kitchen, with lift doors. Could you tell me what mechanism this kitchen uses so that the doors fold over one another?
    Thank you

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