Fill style every corner of our house does not have to cost an exaggerated amount of money and we do not need to hire the advice of a decorator. From our pages we offer you ideas with which you can go thinking about how to reform your house or a specific stay.

Yellow kitchen with style and lots of light

For example, in this case the decoration of a kitchen has been changed. When observing the two photos we see that there have been two fundamental changes that are those that have modified their appearance: the change of color of the furniture and the wallpaper of the opposite wall. Kitchen before reforming and coloring

The doors and drawers have not been changed, if we look they are the same, with the same handles and same dimensions, but the color has been changed with satin paint. The color will depend on your tastes but the light colors give more amplitude and in small spaces it is recommended. Details in yellow kitchen

The wallpaper has been applied to the wall in front of the furniture, choosing a black print on a white background that floods the entire wall without the need of placing any more decoration.

Detail of yellow kitchen lamp

It is completed with a small bench resting on the wall and replacing the chairs. In this way we will have a fixed element, which will not move and therefore will not subtract space. In front we will have the table and only two or three chairs that will be the "mobile" part of this kitchen.

Take advantage of space in yellow kitchen

In the background, a white curtains let the light through the window, and the decoration is completed by two yellow lamps on the table and a cardboard boxes on the furniture of the same paper stamped on the wall. Thus, with few changes, but important we have a new kitchen ready to release.

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  1. Hello! I know this post has time but I saw it yesterday and I loved it, just a question ... what color is the worktop? I want to put my kitchen like that and I have the doubt with the worktop, I do not know if it would be better white or black, thanks and congratulations really .. it's a great job

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