It has been a crush, love at first sight. When I saw this oven at La Cornue, I fell in love with it. Albert Dupuy patented the gas furnaces there by 1908 and currently the company La Cornue he continues to manufacture them with designs and measurements to the letter, but with colors that are authentically irresistible. The best thing is that there is a wide range to choose from, both in colors and sizes, with many combinations to make. An infinite universe for the kitchen.

the cornue3

Over the years, the company has been modernized generation after generation and currently faces new technological challenges with success, only in this way is the quality of the products they offer understood. Something to emphasize would be the existence of the vault furnace, which was the first gas oven model that allows a natural diffusion of heat preventing it from concentrating in a single point, and an equal cooking in a homogeneous atmosphere.

the cornue2

In terms of design, they have been making changes throughout its history, but each of the models still retains the initial essence, that aesthetic that reminds us of the industrial kitchens of restaurants with a certain retro touch, and that we can have at home.

Its collection consists of three ranges: Château (the highest range), Cornuchef and CornuFé. The highest is Le Château, the one with the largest ovens and the largest combination of elements given the space available. The one we see in the image is the largest of them, the Grand Palais 180 model, the La Cornué kitchen ferrari, the most of the most.

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It has two vault ovens, one gas and one electric; two plates "Copu de feu", of great dimension that allow all the rotations of the pans and casseroles to execute the most complicated menus. Two large 4 kw brass burners. You can also choose other provisions of the elements, or include some more like the stone grill or electric grill, teppanyaki or even fryer.

From here we can continue down to the lowest ranges but always with the quality that guarantees a brand that has more than a century making kitchens with style.

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