Lovers of forensic science and criminal evidence are in luck because Lost City has launched an exclusive collection of the most original cushions.

The name of this spooky collection of cushions could not be other than Forensic.

A collection somewhat peculiar, since between the cushions you can find from fingerprints, through hair samples, DNA samples and the most unpleasant blood samples.

Seeing these cushions I am still thinking that it would happen to me in the head when with 15 years I decided that I wanted to be a forensic doctor. Less than it was a passing profession, because I do not think I could have lived surrounded by blood, dead and other tasks of the profession.

What is clear is that if you want to give a touch to your home with an aspect in the purest CSI style, these cushions can not miss. Although I can not be watching TV leaning on a pillow with hair, with your partner on the couch and ask you who are these hairs? Who has been here?

The truth is that I am a little disgusting, but I must admit that the original cushions are. In addition to expensive, with that of being an exclusive collection the cushions oscillate between the 15o and the 300 euros depending on the chosen model.

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