If you want a original solution for hanging your earrings and small jewelry, today in Decoration 2.0 We are talking about a very curious article that we can make with our own hands ... or hangers!

There are many elements that we have at home and that we can use to make simple objects or accessories fully functional. In this way we will extend the life of these elements and turn them into something practical.

With just a wooden hanger we can make a great hanging for earrings, so we will have them all well organized! We will do with as many wooden hangers as we want. If you want you can restore the hanger to make it look pretty, sand it a bit and give one or two coats of clear varnish or some color. We can also paint the hanger of any color that we like and adorn it with acrylics or markers.

The second step will be to make or buy with some small hooks to hang. These hooks will be inserted in the edge of the hanger, so that they are down, as in the photograph.

Finally we will hang the organizer where we want, on the wall, in a closet or wherever we like. As you can see in small steps and with little money we have made a beautiful earring holder.