Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with a great collection of Amaridian. This successful brand, proposes a new African Age, in terms of decoration.

That is why I leave you with this interesting and curious furniture. Delicious to decorate almost any space of our home, Amaridian .. this time proposes an excellent collection inspired by the African continent.

A completely modern, different, contemporary design that we can add, without a doubt, to our styles.


It seems to me a collection of the most interesting, in it we will see comfortable chairs and great chairs.

The elegance of the collection and those earth colors, I fall in love. It would not seem too bad to see any of these furniture in my living room.

If you want to have a small sample of this collection, today I leave you some photographs that you will love and, I hope it also helps you as inspiration to decorate many of your corners.

In the collection that Amaridian proposes, the colors are special, the textures and materials are different ... and also the chairs and armchairs are very comfortable.

chairs collection

The firm adds that it is a new African era, where the pieces are a great test of decoration.

The shape and lines of each of the pieces that make up this collection are special. We will see, among its materials, wood and delicious natural fibers interwoven.

The vases, both large and small, will help us to decorate the favorite corners of the home.

Retro American

You can put them on a table or directly on the floor, especially the larger ones. In addition, the poufs in the shape of stone or those stumps are the most curious to make us comfortable in our house.

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Each piece is more curious than the previous and so on. There are some that are shaped like shoes, platforms, cupboards, shawls, dresses ...

A great collection that we must take into account!


Photo: imastylegoddess

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  1. hello, interesting your page, congratulations.
    I would like to know the price that I face when I want to buy this armid armaridian etnico de africa.

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