We were waiting for it ... and finally we have left doubts. Pantone has just revealed that the Living coral it will be the Color of the Year 2019. Houzz a leading platform in design and renovation of the home, shares the implications that this color will have for residential decoration.

El Living coral It is a vibrant and warm color that adds energy to spaces. As we have observed in the decoration community, a good way to integrate this color in the home is through small pieces of decoration, such as pillows or rugs. The most daring ones bet on this color to paint some of the walls and give a more radical touch to the room.

Here are some tips for integrating color Living coral in our homes, according to what we have observed in our community of individuals and professionals of the home:

  • Decorative elements: Applying small brushstrokes of this color, through illustrations, side tables or other small pieces of furniture, we will give life to our home without saturating too much.
  • Furniture: Just because a color becomes fashionable does not mean that we have to integrate it by force into our home. But if coral is one of your favorite colors, it's a good time to find furniture in that shade. It is a daring, but well integrated, is a way to give a radical but elegant touch to the room.
  • Accent walls: painting one or two walls of the living room or bedroom in coral is a good way to enhance the stay. The key is to keep the other walls in a more neutral color to create a balanced contrast.
  • Textiles: The simplest way to integrate and play with such intense color is through textiles, such as cushions or blankets. These elements provide a pinch of color without involving great effort for our pocket. Also, if we regret or get tired, they are easy to replace with new ones.