Colorix color grabber

ColorCatch 3 is a novel instrument that measures the color of an object or surface and transmits it via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad. This revolutionary system is defined as colorimeter or color grabber and allows you to immediately apply the captured color to an image, allowing you to see how any decorative object or garment would remain with that color thanks to the application of Colorix for iPhone.

The way of use is very simple and great results can be achieved in 3 easy steps:

  1. First make a picture with your iPhone device of the object to which we want to apply colors.
  2. With ColorCatch 3 capture the desired color and transfer it to your iPhone or iPad. (The system has 100 color charts updatable).
  3. Finally apply that new color to your photographs with the application of Colorix for iPhone or iPad, so in a couple of minutes you can see how is the decoration of your room, object or garment in that color.

ColorCatch colorimeter

Thanks to this revolutionary system we can see in a few minutes how our room would be painted with that color that we like so much, see a sofa in the color of a sample of color or a dress in that color that we like so much. In addition to the speed of use allows us to send by mail or mobile our designs in a few minutes to our customers, family or friends.

You can buy it in Colorix.

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