If you love vibrant colors you can always decorate your rooms with tropical contrasts. These colors will give our spaces a cheerful atmosphere. Look for freshness with colors full of strength.

If you are one of those who do not want to risk with daring colors you can buy a multi color wallpaper and place it on one of the walls. There are also virtual programs where we can see which colors stick the most to the rooms of your home. Remember that furniture is very important, think of happy compositions.

The range of greens will remember the leaves of trees and the fan of dark blues to the sea. We can also use softer colors like apple, rose or vanilla.

We can embrace an eclectic style, full of colors and shapes. To achieve it, upholstering some furniture and armchairs will bring a very funny and personal touch. Get a cheerful space. We can play with textiles and colors. Remember the textures and pamper the details.