If you are looking for different headers and that attract attention, in today's article we tell you how to do them quickly, easily and with very attractive results.

The materials What we will need are the following:

  • A cut of fibroface or any wood mild
  • A sierra small, manual or electric
  • Fabric elastic, smooth or patterned
  • Stapler y clamps o tachas
  • Wadding

The first step is to take the measurements of the bed. Think about the width and height that we would like to give to our header and proceed. To the width we will add a few more cm so it will appear on both sides of the bed.

We cut the wood with the measures we have taken, adding a few more cm as we have agreed. Think you can make a header in the way you like, for example triangular, rectangular, wavy, round ... etc.

Now we are going to upholster the headboard, for that we cut the fabric in the same way that we have made the headboard. Remember to leave at least 10 extra cm of fabric to proceed to the lining. With the help of the stapler we attach the fabric to the wood in the area behind.

We will leave a piece without joining to be able to introduce the wadding in its interior, then filled in we will close the last section. Choose the fabric according to your tastes and the furniture you have.

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