Choose and combine the appropriate patterns and colors when decorating is not an easy task, rather the opposite.
We have to take into account, at least, some basic details to successfully achieve our purpose.

Regarding prints we should know that as a general rule:
- Similar designs or patterns do not complement each other, at least not in the vast majority of cases.
- If we want to step on safe ground in this aspect and reduce the chances of failure, we can apply the classic saying that "the opposite poles attract". We can also apply it in all its senses ... If we consider the scale, designs with large prints and designs with small prints complement each other perfectly. And if we take into account the type of pattern: pictures with flowers, flowers with stripes, stripes with polka dots, etc., they also complement each other perfectly.
- If you plan to mix several types of patterns, having some visual rest points is convenient. For example, some furniture or decorative element in white. This will not only help to rest your eyes, but also give greater prominence to prints.

Combining prints

Regarding the colors we should know that:
- When applying and mixing them it is very important that at least one of the colors of the patterns coincide, creating a kind of bond that unites them.
- Another option that works is to combine a design with another one that contains its analogous color.
- And above all, do not forget the intensity of the colors. For the combination to work we must select the same intensity in all the colors, otherwise we will run the risk of creating "visual stress". However, if all colors have the same intensity, harmony will reign.

Combining patterns and colors