Within the decoration of a living room we find as substantial elements in its development the furnishing pieces we have, they will speak of the style that we try to represent, and based on them we will condition some factors such as the tonalities to be presented in walls and the application of rugs, in the event that the pavement does not accompany the overall development.


But we also have small accessories that would seem to be minimal in their impact and little transcendental by its conformation, but that really can completely modify the global dispositions, one of these are the cushions, elements that in the practices that are outside the ethnic decoration would not seem to be really important.


D light Huggable by Diana Lin Design aims to modify this concept by presenting us with accessories highly decorative, which takes from the vanguard the capacity of abstraction to become an object that, due to its conditions, can not go unnoticed in space, we speak of a cushion provided with leed luminaires, and of a soft texture that propitiates the heat, ideal for a young space and mainly in the coldest times of the year.



Plaids On the other hand, it is a collection of cushions that he is committed to recovering from oblivion in the decorative development of the piece, maintaining its elementary character as an accessory object but developing its highlight as a combination measure



Antonio Citterio already thought about making Plaids but it facilitates the task, it is about your Suita sofa, which develops in warm and uniform tones, carefully implementing the cushions to propitiate in these the perfect combination between accessory and furniture

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kettal he does not think about making avant-garde avant garde and adapts his models to the most classic spaces pretending that they become the highlight of the decoration but never superimposing its relevance to the real beauty of the furniture.


The idea is simple to look first for what our specific objective will be, the possibilities of confection when decorating are on the table, and we should only be clear about the criteria that will define the space, if we have furniture lacking in character for our wishes and we intend to promote them, cushions of high value accessories will be ideal, whereas if we only use them in a functional way avoiding that their representations affect the space, complementary cushions will be the right option.