Clearly in winter the home plans with blanket and nightly series sessions they shoot. And in proportion to it the receipt of light can give us some displeasure. Most likely will that our heating system works in full performance. And of course, no it's a matter of give up on him, but of save on your consumption with a series of very practical measures. Like the ones I propose here.

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The heating system what exists in our house or apartment, as usual central or electric, and the consumption that it generates. These two data they are key in the receipt of light and when its operation is greater it is inevitable that the figure will rise. Now, we must not lose sight of other factors that they can influence favorably to control quite better such spending energetic. And consequently the word saving may stop being a theory for become a reality of our domestic economy.

Receipt of light under control

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We would all like to know how keep to line the receipt of light without losing comfort in those domestic interiors where more life we ​​do. From the living room, to the living areas next to the TV and the bedrooms. The uniform heat it provides any CANTONI of heating during the winter months necessary to enjoy well-being and a quality of life optimal within the rooms. But at the same time it is usual to have the feeling that We squander or waste a porcentaje of said heat. Specifically during the hours that we are not at home. Do you know that feeling?

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The Solution No. goes through Take drastic measures. For example, keeping our electric accumulators turned off until we return home to the sweet home at night after a long day of work. A smart way of getting the light receipt to begin to fall is raise a consumption more a la carte according to our needs. Look for formulas to pay according to what our heating consumes and forget about the fixed rates.

Central heating on demand

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It is likely that our home has a central heating system. And this will imply a certain number of radiators distributed by its square meters. Not only in the main rooms, but also in some pass zoneAs long corridors, And in the receiver, However small is. With this system, we are used to a light receipt with few variations during the cold months and always upwards.

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In these devices it is easy to control more effectively what they consume. It will be enough with adapt some measuring devices, designed to know what a radiator spends on an individual basis. Called cost distributors and actually measure two temperatures through sensors. On the one hand, the one with the surface of the appliance, and on the other, the one in the room where it is installed. Thanks to them, when arrive the receipt of light this one it will only reflect the individual consumption of our central heating. And as a result we will observe that we will have saved with respect to the previous invoice: the percentage can be of up to an 30 percent. Good news.

Responsible consumption with thermostatic valves

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The valves with thermostatic head shows another device of great help to achieve our goal: to reduce the receipt of light without the calorific comfort we enjoy with heating being affected. In addition, in central heating systems they can be combined with cost distributors. Of course, a most practical solution for regulate the temperature of each stay with total precision and according to the activity that we usually do in it, or the time of day. Intensify it o moderate it because it's time to sleep. And more possibilities, how to close the radiators in a safe way if we're not going to be at home because we're going on vacation or on a weekend getaway.

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The whole house wins with these valves, because the heat distribution will improve considerably Being a programmed system. Smart calls are suitable for central and individual heating. In one word, will allow us to consume energy responsibly, without splurging, since they automatically adjust the flow of water that enters the radiators. As we lower the temperature level of the heating, so will the percentage of light receipt. The data is significant: our heating consumption will be reduced by ten percent for each degree less regulated with a thermostatic valve.

Heat accumulators, the option of reduced rates

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When the heating system consists of heat accumulators, by themselves they allow to save in the receipt of the light because they work with reduced rates and in return they offer great comfort. The uniqueness of these devices is that convert la thermal energy and they are conceived to carry out this process in the reduced time slots. After they accumulate it in the form of heat until the moment we need to use it inside the house. More comfortable impossible, no ?. To make it they include a programming system that allows to load them during those advantageous schedules and as a result they can guarantee a considerable saving.

As well there are intelligent versions which are characterized by adjusting the load in a constant way and taking into account the temperature in the room. If they detect that this is recommended, they do not charge anything and spend considerably less. At decorative level they do not pose problems because they integrate naturally in modern domestic environments thanks to the simplicity of their designs. With all these tips I am sure that the next receipt of the light will bring good news home.

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