How to take advantage of the balcony space

The balcony can be an excellent place to create a space for relaxation or to make up for the lack of space.

The structure of the balcony and its materials vary according to the time the building was built. While we can not change the shape of the balcony, we can give it a bit of style.

The cheapest version would be to paint the floor. It is not the most advisable since the movement of furniture or flower pots scratches the floor easily.

If we choose this option anyway, prior to painting we have to make a muriatic acid primer to create a gripping surface. Only afterwards will it be possible to proceed with two or three layers of paint. Another option is to use a wooden deck.

We can commission the model to a company that is dedicated to the placement of wooden floors or we can ourselves buying wooden mosaics.

These mosaics are not compact but form a grid that allows the circulation of air and water. If we do not want to be seen by the neighbors we can resort to the bamboo canes.