Are you looking for a modern lamp for your dining room or living room? The lamps give character space and we propose you to create a modern lampshade with your own hands, an ideal and practical craft to surprise your guests.

To have a lamp like the ones we see in the image, you do not have to go to any decoration store avant-garde or spend too much money. On the contrary, we can do them ourselves at home and in the simplest way. Of course, we must arm ourselves with patience because we will need a little time and skill.

Lamp screen

Material to make a lamp shade

The materials we will need are:

  • Plastic ball It can be an inflatable beach ball that we can then deflate or a balloon that, when punctured, disappears.
  • Packing thread or raffia. Find one of good quality and a color that you like.
  • Carpentry glue or white tail.

In addition you should look for a tablecloth or an old cloth to work on it and gloves so as not to get dirty with the glue.

natural raffia

How to make a raffia lamp

The first thing we should do iss mark a hole in the bottom of the ball or balloon, as we can see in the following image. As for the size of this hole, we must take into account that the ball should go out afterwards and then insert the bulb. In addition, this must match the small hole that these balls bring to deflate them. In the case of balloons there will be no problem because when you click it it will go anywhere.

screen for lamp made with a globe
Once the hole is marked, we must prepare a container with glue, wet the yarn and run the ball with laps in different ways so that the thread completely covers the ball and intersects in its turns.

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lampshade with globe and raffia

We must keep in mind that the more turns we give with the stronger and more compact thread, the lamp will remain, so do not hesitate insist and give several turns. That is, we must not forget that the idea is that light passes between the gaps, so some will have to be free to have its functionality.

screen made with raffia

We continue like this until we completely cover the ball, and once finished, we check if any thread has not been badly stuck, in that case we correct it by adding more tail. Then we let it dry for two days so all the layers dry properly. Do not try to dry it in any other way, like a dryer, because if you try to do it faster the process can be complicated and it is possible that the lamp is weakened. Be patient with drying if you want a good result!

lamp made with raffia

When it is completely dry what we will have to do is deflate the ball and remove it through the hole that we have previously left. At that time we will have our full and finished screen to use it.

make a raffia lamp

So that the installation of the light is correct you will have to look for a lamp holder that fits to put it next to a light bulb and you will have your new and modern lamp ready to be used.

What do you think about this web idea? We found it lovely!

Step by step to make a natural raffia lamp

Other handmade lamps

There are many other possibilities to do handmade lamps in a more or less simple way. Another option using a ball or balloon in the same way as the previous one is this one that you can see in the image with paper circles. What's more, to give it a more original touch you can use old maps or decorated scrapbooking papers. The technique is basically the same, with glue, a swollen ball and some patience.

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paper lamp

Another similar option is the one you can see in this photograph where the paper circles do not stick completely but only half of the circle sticks leaving them loose as if they were flower petals. Flower lamp with paper

If what you want is a table lamp matching with raffia that you have already done you can choose to use a rope or the same raffia to line the base or the screen of the lamp. It will be as original as the ones you can see here below!

lamp decorated with a rope

What do you think of these ideas? Do you encourage to develop some? Do not hesitate to tell us what happened to you, if you have any doubts, share them with us! And if you have any other idea for a handmade lamp, do not hesitate to tell us!


  1. for Natalia. The glue should be stretched a little with water.
    for Agueda, this sample is just an example you must innovate, create and for that go to the field look at nature, be observational.
    For Caren. use any thread does not matter the name, no matter the thickness, no matter the color, can match colors.

  2. I love the lamp, I want to make one, but I do not know what ball diameter to buy, I have also searched all over the internet for this kind of balls and can not find it, where can I buy it? I've only found the beach balls, is it safe to do with one of that? Thank you for your time and many congratulations for your creativity

  3. Hello, I tell you that I did the screen but I had the inconvenience that when deflating the balloon, the thread that was stuck to the balloon, it was wrinkled along with the same, and the plot was very soft and deformed. The balloon did not detach easily and I also had traces of dry glue in the holes of the plot and it is very difficult to remove it, as it is very messy. Do you have any suggestions to apply to these drawbacks? Thank you very much, I await your response!

  4. I already made many thread lamps and sold and sold super good is original but put screen that I do not there please do something different that branch and hanging lamp I do not like

  5. very good idea I did not know how it was done with a ball but save the pump bought for those who ask the thread is called »FIQUE» IS HANDICRAFTS AND YOU FIND IT IN STORES WHERE SELL ADORNOS

  6. In Mexico this type of thread is called henequen and they sell it in manament stores, there are different colors and it is not expensive, the 100 reel meters cost around 30-35 pesos !!

  7. My question is whether the thread can be cotton thread that is the yarn that is crocheted, which comes in several colors, thank you very much

  8. is a very good technique and applicable to several crafts, I already knew the same but it is good to remember and know that it still looks good and very important economy and the best done by oneself, good even for pencils flowers etc.

  9. I love it I have some standing lamps that broke the screens I thought I would give them away but with this idea I'm sure they look new and beautiful. :)

  10. I loved this kind of lampshades, and I'm going to try to make one for my daughter's room, thanks for sharing, and keep going, I wish you the best.

  11. quee padree esttaa eesaa laamparaaa laa voii aa haacer. mee gustariaa quuee hicieraas aalgo iiguaal with uunaa dee laavaa xqq eexplicaas muui biieenn laas iintruuccionnees CONGRATULATIONS!

  12. I love the idea, it's super original. I have the house full of lamps and I like that they are as creative as possible.
    They have lately put designs of very original lamps, maybe also inspires you.

  13. that beautiful lamp and beautiful also guastira be an ace for the lampshades because as I said before are beautiful and beautiful ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡JOB!

  14. Hello, your idea is sensational! In short, I loved it ... Could you tell me where I can get this thread or another one that can be used? I'm from Mexico, I'm waiting for your answer.

    Thank you!!!


  16. I love your post, I promise that I will try to make the lamp and I will surely recommend you within my content.

    Taking advantage ... a question. What is the best diameter for the thread?

    I await your comments,

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