Can not find a lamp shade that suits your taste and the decoration of your home? Do not worry, since Bien Simple they give us a great idea to make one with a personal seal.

Materials:lamp holder-paper-4

  • big balloon
  • toilet paper
  • gluing solution
  • dry leaves
  • 1 m galvanized wire No. 16
  • masking tape
  • 1,20 paper thread
  • cotton thread
  • electrical installation
  • florist wire

For the gluing solution:

  • 1 / 2 liter vinyl glue
  • 750 cc of water


First we inflate the balloon and fix it with masking tape to a plastic container to work comfortably. We polish the entire surface of the balloon with the gluing solution and apply pieces of toilet paper, side by side, to cover a little more than half of the balloon. We apply the applied paper with a glue solution.

lamp holder-paper-1

Repeat the procedure applying another layer of paper and covering the joints of the previous layer.

lamp holder-paper-2

On the paper still wet, we support the dry leaves (the inclusions can be flowers, thread or fine branches). We distribute the leaves on the entire surface and cover them with two other layers of paper, leaving them to dry well. Then we prepare a galvanized wire hoop taking as a guide the diameter of the lower edge of the screen. We close the ring with masking tape and reserve.

lamp holder-paper-3

We form a galvanized wire ring with the diameter of the opening that we will give to the top part of the screen. To shape the wire we surround it with a round tin. We join both ends again with masking tape.

We cut a piece of florist's wire and we screw it in its middle part with a cylindrical object (plastic tube, for example) and make a turn and a half so that the wires are aligned.

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We place this wire on the galvanized ring, we center it and fix it with masking tape, and once fixed it will serve to hold the lamp holder.
Place this wire over the galvanized ring, center it and secure it with masking tape. The wire thus fixed, will serve to hold the lampholder.lamp holder-paper-5

Once this is done, we can break the globe and remove it. We support the galvanized ring on the upper part of the globe, mark the outline and cut through the line. We join the wire ring in the opening made in the upper part of the balloon. We cover this union with masking tape.

lamp holder-paper-6

To finish the process, on the edge we make a festoon point taking the wire and the paper with cotton thread on the seam. Repeat the procedure of steps 5 and 6 to place the wire ring at the bottom of the screen.

We only have to put the bulb holder with the bulb installed and we will have our work completed.


  1. very good the screens I am fans of making screens already made of hili and fabric pirotini please keep making more screens easy and practice

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