Fashion also it can be very inspiring to renew the decoration of the house. Just look at the objects and furniture that big brands design in the image and likeness of his latest collections. They carry the essence of their aesthetics printed, so they are a valuable asset to give a touch of catwalk to the environments. Surely you are wanting to know what they have in particular.

touch of the catwalk
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Give a touch of catwalk to domestic interiors with these collections it's a luxury. They are exclusive pieces that they are presented in limited editions or numbered with astronomical prices. If we are part of the lucky group, great. And if not, they can serve us as a valuable source of inspiration. They will be worth let ourselves be carried away by creative ingenuity of houses like Missoni, Hermés or Louis Vuitton and then enrich our spaces with everything contemplated. Appetizing, is not it?

Catwalk touch: the show begins

The seductive colors and the geometric shapes of some great fashion can sneak in perfectly in the most vivid rooms. Introduce a touch of catwalk in them, trapping their chromatic mixtures on specific surfaces. Without going further, the textile proposals from Missoni para 2019 they are an injection of color and energy. Tapestries with vibrant patterns that pursue an 3D effect, carpets that hypnotize as soon as they dress the floors and bedding that surrenders to the geometry.

Inspire yourself in your drawings to update some fabrics and upholstery with that touch of catwalk so chic. Maybe the main sofa in the living room is crying out for a change of look and it's time to take action. Another novelty brand are the floral motifs, able to create atmospheres with a very bucolic stamp. Stay well with your aesthetic, you can base yourself on it to renew the chairs from the dining room or give a romantic air to certain auxiliary seats, as stools and puffs.

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Corners with many doses of design

A touch of catwalk in the decoration of our interiors can mean open the door to design in all its manifestations. Fall in love with its innovative beauty and intelligent functionality. Just have to know the latest from Louis Vuitton for home to convince us of such a statement. Special attention deserves your line Objets Nomades. Original hanging chairs, modern screens, mirrors, etc., which bear the signature of prestigious industrial architects and designers, such as Patricia Urquiola and the Campana brothers, among others. The Retro American Cocoon Chair, upholstered in long cobalt sheep's hair It is a proposal full of humor that many of us would like to have to enjoy a unique relaxation area.

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They are seductive pieces, a luxury to give life to corners that go beyond its decorative role. Imagine them in your spaces. Some would be great in the receiver, others in the bedroom as dividing elements and there are ideal designs for look in the terrace and impress yours. A touch of runway full of sinuous lines and shapes that you may want to transfer to your own personal style.

Exoticism and urban details in equal parts

Source: <Hermes

The interesting to add a touch of catwalk to your decoration is that you can make it become somewhat exotic. O good accentuate its urban character if it is what you like. Two current trends. So are the domestic collections for this year of two other emblematic fashion brands. On the one hand home French Hermes He proposes to dress the table with an evocative ceramics, that does not go unnoticed.

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From dishes that recall urban landscapes and its unmistakable materials, dishes and bowls that dare to reinvest the typical British gardens. Even if you do not have these pieces before your table, get inspired by his compositions for a very special occasion where you want to surprise your guests.

The porcelain and the opulent fabrics of Roberto Cavalli They are also fantastic proposals to put a touch of catwalk on your party table with a baroque image that is purely topical. Attention to su Dalmatian print o animal print, their ethnic motifs and their gold finishes. Create your own version, but with all the luxurious details that the brand proposes.

A lesson in elegance

Source: <Fendi

The domestic decoration is enriched and it looks a different elegance if we dare to put on it a subtle touch of catwalk. In particular, some of these brands are a maximum guarantee to achieve it. Just what happens with Fendi and its exclusive furniture, where retro also has a place. Designed to equip many areas of the house, they splurge a warm elegance and contemporary, easy to integrate in our particular environments. That perfect binomial to which we all aspire.

Among his latest proposals stands out the line of furniture for bedrooms. In sober and timeless forms, its neutral finishes fit naturally with dark woods on floors and walls. If you like its aesthetics, take advantage of it to make some strategic change in your most private territory. You can also incorporate some very special piece of furniture, such as the signature dressing table. Without a doubt, a touch of catwalk in your decoration and your house will not be the same.

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