Not bottles, nor bags and utensils. And neither furniture and accessories of this material that floods the planet. To say goodbye to plastic at home is not just to embrace a new sustainable lifestyle. You can also rethink the decoration of your stays. Banish it from the environments little by little. With small details o with more courageous changes. It's up to you.

goodbye to plastic
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Say goodbye to plastic at home It requires observation capacity. Stop to detect everything that surrounds us that is made with that material. And of course do not despair and throw in the towel in the first mishap. Is a long-distance projectIt is of little use to think that we will be able to get rid of his presence from one day to the next. Start at we it's easierIt will always be encouraging and will motivate us to continue forward.

Goodbye to plastic and yes to residual minimalism

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¿How are you start saying goodbye to plastic and bet on residual minimalism? The culture of zero waste every time gathers more followers and aspires to enjoy a domestic life where it is viable minimize garbage and the waste. And this implies more natural environments hand in hand with ecology. There are even books that promote it and tell how to practice it. Bea Johnson is the author of the work Residuo Cero: a manual to follow step by step the aforementioned current. If there are two places at home where we can start saying goodbye to plastic is in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The first lesson will be banish it from our shopping cart and acquire new habits. From using glass containers, to using bulk products. And of course, use cloth bags to take home. Goodbye to plastic of the bottles, of the containers of fruits and vegetables, detergents and cleaning products. That is, stop seeing once and for all single-use plastics.

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Then it will be time to say goodbye to plastic so present in many utensils of lto pantry and the fridge, like the traditional tapers to store food, uncooked food, etc. In addition there will be forget about glasses, plates and cutlery manufactured in this material. However practical they may be for improvised meals and our children's birthday parties.

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The bathroom is also a fantastic territory where to say goodbye to the plastic. First with daily cleaning supplies, such as knives, toothbrushes and soap dispensers. And then, replace some PVC accessory, so economic and present in the decoration industry and the equipment. Bet wicker baskets or natural fibers and metal auxiliary trolleys. Or moisture-resistant wooden benches that will add a touch spa to the bathroom.

A place for authentic materials

Nothing like recover the ceramic of always in the daily tableware, and as best ally, glasses and jars of transparent thick glass or fashionable colors. If we also dress the table with tablecloths one hundred percent natural fabrics or high in this composition, we can boast of having a daily dining room that is committed to sustainability. And start to use those glasses so underutilized despite how beautiful they are.

Now, it is still possible to do much more to forget once and for all of this material in our domestic interiors. For example, discover in decoration stores dishes and bowls entirely made of bamboo, and wooden cutlery that will add an ethnic feel to the table.

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As well there will be say goodbye to the plastic in trays and vases, no matter how cute they are. Take the opportunity to renew these utensils and presume be up to date in basketry craft, based on extremely warm and intense colors. For example, there are hand-woven sisal designs that put an ethnic stamp on the decoration and reinforce its ecological concept without complications.

Repeat the operation with the lamps that illuminate each of your environments. The time has come to replace them with other options related to the spirit eco-friendly what are you getting Think of natural fiber designs, like rattan, wicker and raffia. They are super trend.

Furniture with author stamp

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In this brave project to say goodbye to plastic the furniture of the rooms It must fulfill a great role. The ideal is to get rid of any design made of PVC and other polluting materials, but one thing is theory and another is practice. To equip our favorite environments, where more life we ​​do, with furniture that favor sustainability and recycling.

And within them the pieces of recovered wood shows a great option to start making important changes in the rooms. The children's rooms shows a good starting point if you enter them beds, study tables or cradles of recovered wood and worked in a totally artisanal way. Plus With designs nice and very inspiring for its small inhabitants.

In the bedroom it is also easy propitiate a decoration that says goodbye to the plastic if it is present in the furniture and accessories. In his day these pieces helped us to shape a basic and economic decoration. Without a doubt, and we did not take into account its polluting factor. Now, some restored wooden furniture or designs made by us and everything will change: comfortable, banks and super personal headers.

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At ground level

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Definitely, another area of the house where you have to say goodbye to the plastic, es en the terrace. With spring around the corner there is nothing left to start enjoying it as the privileged setting it is. So it's a great time for replace your PVC equipment for another more ecological. And even face a deeper change if we make a lot of life in it, specifically condition it with floors that are warm looking and are very comfortable to maintain. Try the porcelain or of linoleum and you will see what discovery. As you will see say goodbye to the plastic allows you to thoroughly renew your environments and to gain charm.

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