Today the thing goes swimming, because although you do not believe you can decorate your pool to look like new every summer. Sure it will seem silly but seeing the pictures up there for sure you'll wonder how they do it, and most importantly because you do not decorate your pool too.

Initially, when I saw the images, it seemed almost incredible that the pools could be decorated, but the truth is that you can, and it is also great.

La pool decoration from the inside, it looks a bit daring but sKine It has made this possible, since this firm is dedicated to the design of water resistant adhesives, perfect for swimming pools. So close your eyes and imagine that you are swimming in your pool, and at the bottom of it a lot of funny butterflies flying through the bottom of it.

But besides putting butterflies at the bottom of the pool you can also put large palm trees, dolphins, asymmetrical figures, Hawaiian flowers, drawings with hearts, ... You will find many and varied designs to choose from for your summer corner, you can also choose size, according to your pool is bigger or smaller.

Surely now you will be thinking that these stickers are very complicated to install, but you will be surprised how easily you can do it, since it is not necessary to empty the pool to put them, because they adhere easily to the bottom or wall of the pool. It works more or less like a vinyl.

So if you want your pool to acquire a different color every year I advise you to sign up to decorate your pool with these stickers.

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Further information: sKine


  1. Much publicity but there is no way to find the happy skins, if anyone knows something, please help

  2. good I am very interested in putting a fund to my pool I would like to know if you would have a catalog to see more drawings thank you send it to my mail prices and drawings thank you very much and greetings

    • Hello Raul,

      For more information visit the website that is in the link of the post.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Yes, but there is no purchase option on your page, I have already sent you mails but nothing. Do you have any store or online? Thanks

    • Hello Cory,

      I'm trying to get in touch with them to indicate outlets, if they answer I'll tell you something.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I'm looking for crazy stickers like skins, and I can not find where to buy them, nor do I find information about their price. Could you help me? Thanks in advance

    • Hello Cory,
      Skine stickers can be found in the reference of the article, since at the end of it, it puts More information, and if you click on the link it refers you to the website of the company.
      Thanks for reading!

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