In my university years I had a subject called "Informative Documentation", I guess that everyone who has studied something related to communication sciences will sound. Well, it is true that the teacher opened our eyes one day and gave us an article to read about how the Google offices were and the work in it. With leisure areas, table football, video games, balls in the corridors, puff, everything to work in the most comfortable way possible to encourage creativity.

The purpose was to get our teeth long? That was the effect that he got but on the sidelines, he also helped us to do a class practice. I tell you all this because in the program Who lives there?, de The sixth, They visited the home of a Google manager.

Of course, knowing what your job is like, you want to know what your home will be like. Will decoration be an extension of your workplace? In the following video we can see the house of Bernardo Fernández, Google's global director of consumer products.

As you can see my ideas about a house full of balls to play does not exist, although there is some element copied from Google like the puffs.

Regarding the peculiarities of the house we can highlight some, such as the glass walls in the bathrooms, the kitchen without appliances, hidden behind doors, the absence of curtains and net curtains throughout the house, although there are external blinds that are automatically controlled.

The living room and kitchen are connected through a walkway, also glazed, and on the second floor appears a pool from which you can see the mountains of Madrid.