How to make candles with coffee aroma

To make candles with coffee aroma You will need plastic molds or glass jars that serve as a vessel for the candle. Choose them with the shape that you like the most. You will also have to use paraffin gel, a stick, wick and, of course, coffee grains y essence of coffee.

The first thing you have to do is cut the wick. To know what length you should have, measure the height of the mold or bottle: the wick strip should be about 6 centimeters longer than the container.

Then introduce the wick inside the bottle, stretch it and roll what sticks out on a stick that you will place horizontally on the edge of the bottle, so that the stick is held almost alone.

Slowly melt the paraffin gel. When it is completely melted, start pouring a part of the paraffin inside the jar. Immediately after, before the paraffin dries, add the coffee grains. Then, continue filling the paraffin flask until you almost reach the edge.

Once you have finished pouring the paraffin into the bottle, you can remove the stick that holds the wick and cut it with scissors.

Finally, add a few coffee essence drops before the paraffin cools.