Today we present a simple craftsmanship to make autumnal centerpieces with materials such as pineapples and chestnuts, accompanied in some cases with Candles to liven up the decoration of our tables for this beautiful season of the year where many colors are mixed with the fall of the leaves and the beautiful colors that nature offers us. Also if you give free rein to your imagination you can use and combine other natural elements such as leaves, branches, etc ...

For this autumnal craft we will use the following materials:

  • Pineapples open and closed
  • Chestnuts
  • Wooden bowls
  • Vases and glass containers
  • Trays
  • White candles

In the following video you can take ideas to make your own autumnal table centers:

According to the combination of the different materials we will get more centers Rustic with wooden bowls, more modern combinations with glass containers or even centerpieces in trays.

Then we leave you a gallery of images with our creations of autumnal centerpieces: