Do you want to decorate your room in an original way? Today we tell you how to decorate with relief letters. You can compose the phrases you want, dates, names and all in a very simple way. Do you dare to decorate with lyrics?

The letters for crafts with relief give a lot of play and is that, with them you can decorate any room. From the living room, to a bedroom, a small room or any children's room. Today we not only tell you some ideas to decorate with them but the steps to follow to create your own letters with relief. It really is simple and the results are spectacular.

Ideas to decorate with relief letters

Before telling you how they are made we want to give you some ideas about where to put them and how you can decorate them. We propose four ideas that can inspire you for future decorations. The first, a cardboard letter to which artificial colored flowers have been added. It is our favorite and therefore, below we will tell you how to do it. Second, the same cardboard letters but lined with wool. Third a blank letter for a Christmas decoration and finally letters with relief for the pare.

Decorate letters with natural flowers

What is promised is debt. It was not planned to include this manual in the post but it has conquered us and we can not pass up the opportunity to share it with you. It involves decorating the letters with relief with natural flowers. How? making them in cardboard and putting inside a floral sponge (that rigid green partition that is placed in the vases to 'puncture' the flowers) and placing the flowers to your liking. Attention to the result because we loved it.

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make letters with relief with flowers
Source: parcelpost

How to make letters with relief

The necessary materials are

  • a pencil
  • some paper
  • cardboard that we can recycle
  • a little white tail
  • napkin or hygienic paper
  • Water
  • brush
  • scissors, cutter or punch

Steps to follow

First, take a sheet of paper and trace here the letters or numbers that you want to decorate after the stay. Secondly, cut out all the forms you have made on paper. Then use these Paper numbers as molds to draw on cardboard. Now, with these templates, you can make as many letters and numbers as you want.

Now, cut out the cardboard. If you find it very difficult with scissors, use a punch or a cutter. Paste as many layers of cardboard as wide you want the letter to be. That is, the more layers of cardboard you paste, the thicker and thicker the letter or number will be. When you finish and are stuck and dry, cover each of them with toilet paper (You can also use napkin paper). Glue the paper with the help of white glue previously mixed with a little water. Let it dry for a few minutes. Remember that you can add as much paper as you want and you only have to glue them with the glue. Check that they are dry. If so, now you can take out your most creative side and Get painting! Once decorated, you will have in your hands a perfect complement to make wreaths, words or positive phrases on the wall.

Embossed letters of poliespán

In the following video you can see another technique to make letters with relief. It's about letters made with polyester and lined with fabric stamped colors.

Make cardboard letters to decorate

Y If you do not want to pring your hands too much (with toilet paper) you can get the same result (or similar) by making letters exclusively with cardboard. The steps are also simple and the results .. you are already seeing it!

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Hopefully these ideas have inspired you and have increased your You want to get down to work to create your own letters with relief. Do you already master the technique? learn other crafts as paint the lampshade o make a side table with wood and metal.