If you like to read or you know someone who the books go crazy, do not wait any longer, now you can make one of these original bookmarks that I propose today. They are useful and do not damage the paper like some separators that they sell in stores.

With paper, EVA rubber, wool, fabric and other craft materials, you can make your own original bookmarks and give them to your friends when you give them a book. That way they will like it much more!

How to make a paper bookmark

In our YouTube channel InternetDIY you can see this video-tutorial, step by step, of how to make a practical and simple bookmark of paper thanks to the art of origami or origami. You will only need a very nice sheet of paper and a little dexterity folding the paper. You can see it here!

DIY: Jewel bookmark

Have you ever seen these original bookmarks in the form of a jewel? Of course, it's been a while since I saw an idea as original as the one we see; but besides being witty and pretty, they are perfect options for recycle all kinds of fabrics and textiles you have on hand.

Has the strap broken? Do not throw it away! Cut out a piece of it and use it as a bookmark. If you have a remnant of a piece of fabric that has been left over, even a nice lace strip, you just have to add an ornament that you like at one end and ready to be used!

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original bookmarks
Source: lovewedbliss

You see, only you need a ornament or trinket that you like (it can be a piece of some keychain you have at home and it has been broken) a ring to attach the ornament and a metal brooch to catch the fabric and to stay fixed.

original bookmarks
Source: lovewedbliss

An original heart-shaped paper bookmark

Very similar to the first shared tutorial, is this one made with origami but in the shape of a heart. Ideal for give away Valentine's Day with a romantic book.

Butterfly-shaped bookmarks

And we continue with another original paper bookmark, in this case in the form of a butterfly. In this video you can see the step by step:

Paper flower bookmark

If you have something more practice with the origami, you can also make this bookmark in the form of a flower and with several colors. Much more elaborate, but with a little patience you can leave 10.

Crochet bookmarks

If yours is the crochet, you can make your own figurines to work as bookmarks. In the next video you will see how to make a heart, but you can also make flowers or any other figure with wool.

Original pompom bookmark

If you like wool but do not control the needles, we suggest you make your own original bookmarks with wool pompoms. They are very easy to do!

Rubber bookmark Eva

Another material to make original pagepagina can be the Eva rubber, a material that we can buy online. Especially if the idea is to make crafts with children, this will be your best option. A gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day or any other celebration, to accompany a good reading with a craft made with much love.

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We hope you like these proposals and follow some of the tutorials. If you have any more ideas on how to make original bookmarks, do not hesitate to write us a comment. We will be happy to expand our article with new tutorials!