One of the most particular spaces of any decorative project, is the bathroom, The importance of this space is based on the transcendence of its concepts, being efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing, so it is perhaps the most places preferred by the designers since in the same they can show all their creativity observing the impact they directly generate in its occupant.


Framed in this context we present a decorative solution more and more recurrent, it is about avoiding wall coverings and proceed to paint our bathroom, an economical option that can mean a complete renovation of the space with minimal expense in direct relation to a reform applied with new products, annoying works and all that it contains to reconstruct our bathroom.


Although we emphasize that this practice is more used every day, it is not a modern trend, since prior to the existence of the current and known coatings in its technical capacity, the bathrooms were decorated by the color contribution, it is important to point out that if you have building problems you should consider which is the best solution from the economic point of view, But painting is always an economic measure.


Black, black is a color somewhat resisted in decoration, since if we take care of the luminosity and talk about small spaces it does not favor the space too much, however the vintage style bathrooms where the traditional character accessories they see their shapes and lines highlighted in the contrast generated with the color of our bathroom.


Moreover arrange it in a bathroom with more modern features, invites the combination and it is there where the orange appears a good alternative to implement avant-garde elements and reduce the negative impact that these can have on a bathroom of traditional coatings, where not only will they have problems to show off, but they also fall to the detriment of the coating

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Green on the other hand is always a alternative that is on the carpet, its implementation is based on the search for a space that allows the furniture to be displayed independently of the tonalities that it has, since it can be combined with several elements without having an aggressive aspect or that may well be called outside the logical chromatic scale of our provisions.


The pastel shades fulfill a similar function which we find in the green color, since they allow the combination with all kinds of elements, but develop a differential concept, since they are not considered juvenile and free, they tend to deliver sobriety and define themselves as a method that bets on classic spirit of this space.


It is important to note that bathrooms that resist the coating and paint are ideal spaces to play graphic trends, regardless of the style, since in the case of a classic bath simulate laborious guards or moldings is a very prominent detail while in the contemporary and avant-garde aspect The implementation of suggestive shapes and figures is a high impact concept.