The washbasin, the toilet, the bathtub or the bidet ... all furniture and objects for the bathroom deteriorates equally over time. PThey shine and they do not look like at the beginning causing a rather unpleasant visual effect.

How to paint our furniture for the bathroom

If you ever thought about repairing yourself the bathroom but you do not know how to do it, in today's article we give you some tips that can be very useful.

There are some products on the market that will help us to renew the appearance of our bathroom furniture. For example, the lacquers to paint the bathtubs provide us with a finish very similar to the original enamel. The time that lasts one of these lacquers can be about two years.

When we want save good money in the bathroom arrangement, these lacquers are a great solution. Although in two years we have to repaint.

To start we must always prepare the pieces that are going to be painted very well. To proceed with the lacquering of bathtub we have to have 3 components one is mirror lacquer, another a hardener and the last will be the catalyst. Thanks to the chemical reaction, the paint hardens. By the way, it does not give off odors.

When we are going to proceed with the lacquering we must do it with care, since it is a complicated operation, which we must perform in several steps.

First we will clean the dust bath, in this way we will prevent any particles from sticking to the surface we are going to lacquer.

The perfect temperature, for this activity will be between 20 and 22 degrees. The temperature differences they will be able to alter the material and the final result.

Once all ready, and free of dust, we prepare the water softener and the cleaner. First we fill the bathtub with three liters of water, where we will dissolve the decalcifier by spreading it over the surface several times. Now let's act.

After cleaning, we will use the lacquer cleaner. We spread it over the surface and then sand with the sandpaper.

Podemos also use a sander, although the most curved areas will preferably be sanded by hand. We remove the dust very well and let the bathtub dry.

Now we will cover the faucets with plastic and protect the edges of the bathtub with masking tape-adhesive tape-

We will begin to pour the hardener into the lacquer and shake vigorously for at least two minutes. Now add the catalyst and shake again. The mixture begins to set at the 40 minutes.

To apply the lacquer we must do it with a gun to paint and let dry for three days with the bathroom closed. You should avoid dust, insects and anything that could adhere to the painted objects.

We must read the lacquer instructions that we have bought since not all will be used for the toilet.

As you see It is not an easy operation but if we carry it out carefully the results will be the best and We will save some good money.

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