Holy Week is approaching and on this date it is tradition and custom to include in the decor of the house the classics Easter eggs. Today I bring you 4 fantastic and original ideas to present your Easter eggs:


  1. In the first image, transparent glass cups have been used to place the eggs in them simulating a nest. If you look closely you will notice that in this case the eggs are much smaller in the rest of the images, it is because in this case they have used string eggs, which are much smaller.
    The eggs have been painted in turquoise blue and have been placed in the center of the cup surrounded by flowers, simulating a nice bird's nest.
  2. In the second image, as you can see, the idea is the same, simulate a nest. Although, in this case the eggs used are chicken and have been placed on a stand for cakes or dessert surrounded by precious white carnations.
  3. In the third image, chicken eggs painted in different colors and decorated with beautiful and delicate patterns have been used again. In this case, the support chosen to show off the Easter eggs is a candlestick, a candlestick in which the candles have been replaced by the eggs.
  4. The fourth and final idea is to put the decorated eggs in a transparent glass container and use it as a vase. The result is as original as it is charming.

Any of the 4 ideas are perfect for decorating the table or any other corner of the house ... do you dare to put some of the ideas into practice?