Sometimes we talk about techniques that we can perform for the decoration of our home. The stencil is one of them, with this technique we move images and shapes that call attention to furniture that we already have.

El stencil It helps us to recover some objects, decorate others or simply decorate items that do not need any restoration.

This type of technique is much easier than we can think. For those of you who have not yet tried and who are curious today we show you how to do it.

First we prepare the surface of the object or article chosen to apply this technique. We will clean the surface well, ideally pass an aluminum scourer or fine emery paper and rub it carefully in the same direction.

Then we will look for a template with the design that we like the most. They can be flowers, animals for the room of the youngest, shapes ... we can even make a drawing and make a template of it to be able to use this technique on it.

Once we have the mold we want, we adhere to the object we are going to paint. To fix the template, simply place adhesive tape and prepare it to stencil in the position you want.

Now we take the paint and a separate paper. We take a brush and wet it in the paint ... to eliminate the excess we will use the paper where we lightly tap the brush and apply it in the mold.

In this way we start with the upper zone of the template. Remember to apply the paint from the outer edges to the inside of it. It is important to apply the paint with light brush strokes.

The trick is to apply little paint to the brush, that is to say that it is almost dry and then increase if we want it. This technique is based on tapping and we will use a brush for each color.

Then let dry the pattern with the template. When it is completely dry we can proceed to remove it, remember to lift it not to slide it on the drawing.

Finally we will let 4 days pass to varnish our stencil. Apply clear varnish.

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