The restoration is not exclusive to professionals, this work may have always been observed as an activity reserved for experts in the field, but equally we can all restore any table, chair or shelf.

If you are not what you call a handyman and you are not used to doing this type of task, we can always start with a smaller and simple type of furniture, to which we can adapt; for example an old chair made of wood.

Once the furniture has been chosen, we must clean it and sand it. He must be constant, meticulous and patient. After the sanding task there should be no remaining paint or previous varnish.

Sanding is a fundamental task to achieve the best results in the final finish. Therefore, it is worth spending all the time necessary.

Once finished with the sanding process, we can apply a layer of the dye of the color that we have chosen; for this we can help with any cloth or a brush. The most important thing is that all the furniture's wood is covered perfectly.

We can give a second coat of dye, if we believe it necessary. When the furniture is completely dry we will have to go over the surface of it, with a steel wool, in this way we will eliminate the possible drops or imperfections.

The next step is to apply a layer of clear matte or gloss varnish according to our needs.

If we intend to restore a classic furniture but we do not want it to lose its essence or its "old" spirit, we can follow this last step. After applying the varnish, let it dry. Once the furniture is dry, we will give it a layer of white enamel, in this way it will give a feeling of aging.

A trick so that of greater sensation is the one to extend the enamel of irregular form. After this step, we pass a sandpaper gently; in this way we would smooth the surface. The last touch is done with the varnish, we apply another layer and once dry we have our furniture restored!

As you can see is a relatively simple way to restore a piece of furniture without being great professionals. Do you cheer up?

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  1. I am not a professional in the restoration, but I work in it doing several things, the important thing is to take into account the prolixity and materials to uzar be the ones that correspond to each situation, since you should always keep the piece or element to restore as original as possible, so that it does not lose its original value and beauty,

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