The same thing always happens to me. When I go to a restaurant for a dinner a little more elegant than usual, to a wedding, or celebration like that, I have to wait for the next diner to take the bread because I never remember which side is mine on, and the same thing happens with the cutlery that must be used in each dish. Failing that, if I have confidence, I ask, but I always stop to observe what others are doing. The mistake is not very important if you are with family or friends, but if it is a somewhat more involved dinner.

Thank God I can now study at home before putting it into practice and this thanks to the individual tablecloth Donkey Products It is a paper tablecloth made of 100% cotton, in which each cover and each element of the table is drawn in place, to be placed on top.

Its measurements are 65 x 60 and it has a price of 19,50 €. They say that knowledge does not occupy a place but it does relieve your pocket.

More information: Design 3000

Vía: Oh! Gizmo